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The beginning...

During my childhood, I used to work very happily in our family restaurant until certain circumstances compelled me to leave my work behind. Many years passed and I never lost hope of one day recovering what I discovered at an early age: my passion for cooking. It wasn´t until later on that I found the real ‘Hope’, Esperanza, my wife, who always encouraged me and helped me to achieve my aspirations. One of them is to spend my life the way I have wanted to since I was a kid: cooking for others.


I have the necessary skills and faculties for offering what you always wanted: a place where the food of my childhood and the application of everything that I learned are possible. Quality is Trianilla’s specialty, because quality is what our mothers and grandmothers have always taught us. That is what we offer at Trianilla: the food served as at home, with raw materials bought and prepared every day, as we used to enjoy it at our family table. That´s how we try to make our Trianilla yours.

Fran, Chef