The Most Autentic Tapas

Trianilla, the delicious tapas of Triana, the most authentic tapas of Seville.

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Raw MaterialsWe prepare daily to serve quality

We begin the day in Trianilla by going to the marketplaces to buy fresh and natural products, never buying processed or industrial ones. After that we spend the morning preparing all that will be served during the day. With a proper and caring preparation, we can get and offer good quality homemade food.

Fran, Chef


Tapas are amazing! A mix of Spanish, Asian and Mexican tapas. We went back there on our last night because it was the best food we had on our whole trip. Prices are very cheap for the quality you get. Very friendly service. We wanted to take pictures of the food but always finished our plates before we thought about fotographing them, so good! Wish we could take this restaurant back home :). Our compliments to the chef!

Garland Noah

This is the first time that I write something here, but simply have to say: We had a wonderful evening with excellent tapas! Actually, the best tapas in our three weeks holiday in Spain! We went in many cities and countless restaurants, but Trianilla is my absolute favorite! So much hospitality and love in the preparation of tapas has just earned 5 stars !!! Thank you for this culinary delight! :D


Simply the best tapas we've tasted in Spain: curry chicken, Mexican enchilada, rice noodles with shrimp and soy sauce, fresh tacos... Great food, really awesome service, both the waitress and the cook were very nice and friendly. We will definitely be coming back for more.

Diego S